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List 5 Vocabulary


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Vocab list 3 continued

Vocab list 3

Conflicts, Theme, Allusion

Theme-  The author’s statement about life (opinion), the lesson learned or the moral of the story.

For every action that you do there is always going to be a reaction.


Allusion– an indirect but intentional reference to something or someone famous.

I wish that I had a lamp and if I rubbed it, I  would be granted three wishes and I could wish for whatever I want!


Conflicit- (external)-  between two characters or forces.

My sister and I always fight about who is going to walk the dog in the morning or after school.


Conflict -(internal) – a struggle within a character.

I always have trouble with staying focused on my homework and what subject that I am going to do first.



Last week I had a biology test. It  was a huge test. I studied so hard and I was up all night studying for it and by morning I was so tired, I could nearly pull myself out of bed. when the teacher passed out the test I was so pumped, I though that I would ace it. I guess I was wrong. when the teacher passed back the tests I failed it.


My sister is a bad cold. When I have friends over she follows us around wher ever we go. I do all that I can to get rid of her but she just doesn’t get the hint. She is really starting to annoy me! (explicit)

The little girl hops around with excitement when she is told that she gets to pick out whatever she want at the toy store. (implicit)


I have so much homework. Everynight it feels like I’m drowning in it and it takes so much energy for me to finish it.


Every summer me and my family go to Cape cod. We go to the beach almost every day and go into the water and look for sand dollars. Each year we find one and take it home. Every time I see a sean dollar I think about going to the Cape and how much fun that we had a nd how I can’t wait for the summer to come so we can go again!


Repetition for effect

It’s late. I want to go to bed. All I hear are the crickets outside going chirp, chirp, chirp. I can’t sleep. I probably should read, that usauly makes me tired.

Every day my mom always says the same thing to me. Did you walk the dog yet? Go walk the dog. He really has to go to the bathroom, please walk him.


Burlesque is so provocative. What ever she wears she always shows to much skin. She is not modest at all. She is just out for attention. She thinks that everybody likes her but the truth is, they don’t. The attention that she is getting is not for the right reasons. Someone needs to say something to her before she gets her self into trouble.


Odious is so mean. He offends everyone he talks to. Yesterday he stole my pencil and said it was his. Today, he took this kid Joey’s lunch money. He is so hateful, he never has anything nice to say. He blurts out things in class he’s so rude. I am just so annoyed with him.