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Vocab list 6


Monolouge Questions

1.  I liked that I memorized my monolouge and I didn’t forget that much of it.

2.  I think that I did well on memorizing my monolouge. Next time I will practice acting the part better. 

3. I will repeat taking  the time to memorize my monolouge but will practice acting the part for next time.

4. No. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought that I would be for the monolouge  so I don’t think that I will be nervous next time.

Mood and Tone

Tone- the speaker or writer’s attitude towards their subject matter.

Whenever I say something to my mom in a normal voice, she says thats my tone is rude and disrespectful. When to me its just the way that I talk.

Mood- the way the writer or speaker’s words make the reader/audience feel.

When I read the book “A Child Called it” by David Pelzer, it made me sad that a mother could be that mean and abusive to her own son.