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Repetition for effect

Every day my mom always says the same thing to me. Did you walk the dog yet? Go walk the dog. He really has to go to the bathroom, please walk him.



Burlesque is so provocative. What ever she wears she always shows to much skin. She is not modest at all. She is just out for attention. She thinks that everybody likes her but the truth is, they don’t. The attention that she is getting is not for the right reasons. Someone needs to say something to her before she gets her self into trouble.


Odious is so mean. He offends everyone he talks to. Yesterday he stole my pencil and said it was his. Today, he took this kid Joey’s lunch money. He is so hateful, he never has anything nice to say. He blurts out things in class he’s so rude. I am just so annoyed with him.


Jubilee is always rejoicing. It’s not a bad thing but it gets pretty annoying. For every little thing she get so happy and just starts singing. She can’t stop dancing because she is so happy. One time she got so happy because she got a 100 on her test. I mean that’s something to be happy about but she really needs to relax.